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Fundraising Opportunities
Songs of the Game is a great and fun opportunity for  leagues, divisions, coaches and parents to raise money for uniforms, officials, field rentals and other necessities to help make your organization’s season a success. 

If your baseball league or program would like to use Songs of the Game as a fundraiser, here's how it works . . .

Songs of the Game CD's are $5.00 a piece, when you buy at least 10 or more. We suggest you sell them for $12.00 a piece.


  • Set up a table at the game and have the CD playing on a boombox while selling the CD.
  • Call up your local radio station and see if they would play the CD and mention your fundraiser.
  • Have sponsors sell the CD at their stores.
  • Have parents send out emails to let their friends know about the fundraiser.
  • See if your local minor or college team would play the CD during the games and mention your fundraiser while you sell the CDs at the game.
  • Play the CD at an after-game party for parents and friends of the team witile selling.
  • Take them with you to another game and sell to the people around you.
If you do not sell all of the CD's you bought, simply mail them back. If they are still in the wrapper, we will refund your money.
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